The title of this volume came easy, since almost every story stars Professor Anton Vorchek.

The Flaw In the Image (ss)
Cameras loom large in several of these works. I have always been a photography buff, and during this phase that tinged my writing. Vorchek and Theresa appear off-stage in this story of a man whose pictures slowly begin to terrify him.
Published in Science and Sorcery II by the Press of Dyrezan.

The Journal of Reverend Winters (ss)
The writer of the journal ventures into a remote part of Central America, where missionaries are troubled by savage natives and something even darker lurking beyond the edge of civilization.
Published in 9Tales Told in the Dark by The Brides of Chaos.

The Twenty-Eighth Extract From the Black Book of Jacob Bleek

The Twenty-Ninth Extract From the Black Book of Jacob Bleek

Among the Hoodoos
The hoodoos are the weird rock formations of Chiricahua National Monument in south-eastern Arizona.

The Thirtieth Extract From the Black Book of Jacob Bleek

What the Camera Saw

The Old Camera (ss)
This story is suspiciously similar to "The Flaw In the Image", except that this time Vorchek and Theresa take center stage as they investigate manifestations of evil that reveal themselves in photographs. The Minolta camera referenced in this story, in "Flaw", and in "The Revenge of the Past" are all the same camera, mine.
Published in Science and Sorcery II by the Press of Dyrezan.

Vorchek's Picnic (ss)
Here is a brief comic tale, in which the professor and Theresa are menaced by an alien race bent on conquering the world. The aliens really intend to do that.
Published in The Book of Exodi by Eposic.

An Apparent Case of Disappearance (ss)
In this tale, quite similar to "A Late Night Errand", a man drives off into the night, feeling a little "off", suddenly finds himself in a twisted version of the world he knows.
Published by The Random Eye.

The Thirty-First Extract From the Black Book of Jacob Bleek

The House On the Hill of Stars (ss)
This is a haunted house story starring Vorchek and Theresa, who-- along with a particularly useless graduate student-- embark on an investigative expedition to the mysterious Wilson House, site of unexplained disappearances. Vorchek suspects the operation of other-worldly forces. The house harbors great danger, to be sure, but what is the biggest threat of all? The inspiration for the place is the Frye House, located in Red Rock State Park near Sedona, AZ.
Published by Arkham Tales.

The True Camera

My Calling

St. Benedict's Night

Into the Vortex (ss)
In this favorite of mine, Vorchek heads another expedition in pursuit of strange matters, this time leading a team of three, including Theresa, far into the wilderness west of Sedona. He promises them amazing revelations, but he seems to be keeping certain secrets to himself. Real places referenced are Wilson Canyon and Wilson Mountain.
Published in 9Tales Told in the Dark 4 by the Bride of Chaos.

The Thirty-Second Extract From the Black Book of Jacob Bleek

From the Mud of Grasshopper Point (ss)
A guy planning to relax at his favorite fishing hole confronts a repellent and menacing relic of the distant past. Grasshopper Point is a popular scenic spot on Oak Creek in the canyon of the same name above Sedona.
Published in Strange Summer Fun by the Whortleberry Press.

A Chance Result (ss)
Archeologists excavating Indian ruins in the wild are disturbed by weird developments, odd accidents, and the intrusion of Professor Vorchek, who claims to know something they do not. The story is set in Secret Canyon, in the Red Rock Country near Sedona, but the scene is actually based on nearby Lost Canyon, which does contain impressive ruins.
Published by Flagship.

In the Days of the Magical Empire

On the South Face of Medicine Man Mountain (ss)
Vorchek pops up again, complete with hapless student, to annoy and confound a group of mountaineers attempting the most difficult slope of Humphrey's Peak in Arizona. The professor insists on tagging along to search for a legendary Indian site where the strangest events are claimed to have happened in the remote past.

The Hospitality of the Countess Kronnberg

The Big Sedona Bash (ss)
Vorchek and Theresa are invited to a party where one of the guests, a local New Age kook, takes way too seriously his desire to achieve "oneness" with the powers that emanate from the region.

Passing Worlds

Queer Musings On Reality (ss)
This tale makes use of a variant of my standard alternative reality theme. Vorchek is called in by a client suffering from a curious problem: he feels that he is gradually vanishing from this world. What frightens him even more is that those who know and love him do not seem to be aware of it.
Published by Twilight Times.

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