This volume is another collection of stories mostly derived from or suggested by dreams.

Stealing Boris Karloff (ss)
An obsessive fan wants the corpse; what does it want? This is one of my rare ghost stories.
Published for Halloween by DemonMinds.

One Day, Complete With Aliens (ss)
Invaders from outer space are closing in on the hero, who isn't inclined to worry too much about it. The oddly light tone of this tale stems from its dream source.

In the Dragoon Station Annex (ss)
In this installment of the adventures of Professor Vorchek and Theresa Delaney, the professor's lovely assistant tells the story her way. A great medical researcher, operating at a lonely outpost in the wilds of Arizona, is convinced that he has discovered a method for raising the dead. Professor Vorchek acknowledges that something incredible has happened, but fears mysterious perils. The setting for the story is based on the Apache Station, an electrical power plant near the Dragoon Mountains of south-eastern AZ.
Published by Quantum Realities.


The Thirty-Third Extract From the Black Book of Jacob Bleek

Beyond the Crossroads (ss)
Jacob Bleek's journey leads him to adventure in the Black Forest, where he arrives at a poorly signed fork in the road. Death may lurk ahead. What lies at the end of the road he chooses?
Published by Twilight Times.

A Sojourn In Crost (ss)
Lord Morca of Dyrezan, wandering lost in the wilderness with his pet black tiger Treenya, providentially stumbles upon a pleasant town which proves to be more than it appears. This is a sequel to "The Tale of Nantrech" and "The Adventure of Captain Morca", with all three stories connecting to my novel, The Journey Through the Black Book. Treenya is a new creation, born of a dream, who will appear again. Also, this tale shares several dream elements with "Beyond the Crossroads".

Planet KX-17 (ss)
Commander Avatar, nonplusable hero of "Expedition ZB-12", once more sails the universe, again running afoul of a world where nothing makes sense. As with the original tale, the peculiar plot derives from its dream sources.
Published by Fifth Di.

In the Hills of Yost (ss)
Much of what is written above about "A Sojourn In Crost" applies here, in which yet another tale of Morca's adventures in the mysterious east during the great war with the Rhexellites is presented. Treenya is back, as is Phillipan from The Journey Through the Black Book. This story shares some dream sources with "Planet KX-17", a deliberate experiment in writing wildly dissimilar tales from the same background material.
Published by Swords and Sorcery Magazine.

The Gorge of Pentono (ss)
The Lords Nantrech and Morca seek age-old magical lore in a remote canyon, once the home of mighty sorcerers, only to find that more survives in its desolate depths than expected. The setting of the tale is based on Agua Fria Canyon in central Arizona, plus a dream derived from my explorations there.
Published by Aurora Wolf.

The Idol of Zita (ss)
A tough adventurer schemes to steal the fabulous ancient idol of the Aztecs. Unfortunately for him, he may have to confront twin perils: the hideous deity embodied by the idol, and the seemingly affable Professor Vorchek, who has his own plans for the dubious artifact.
Published in 9Tales Told in the Dark 20 by Bride of Chaos.

The Thirty-Fourth Extract From the Black Book of Jacob Bleek

The Shack On Escudilla Mountain (ss)
This tale relies heavily on a recent trip to the Alpine region of Arizona. A hiker (a fellow very much like me) wanders off the trail, discovers something unusual or impossible hidden in the wilderness. The history underlying the story is wholly fictitious-- my normal tack-- despite the use of genuine place names.
Published by The Gloaming.

The Crags of the Schwartzenburg (ss)
Jacob Bleek, still wandering, comes across a mountain in Bavaria reputed to be haunted. That interests him. Indeed, it threatens to kill him.
Published by Roar and Thunder.

The House On Anderson Mesa (ss)
This is a haunted house story set in the wilderness, making it kin to "The Shack On Escudilla Mountain". The titular mesa and the approach to it through Sandys Canyon are real and picturesque places, fairly accurately described. Professor Vorchek makes a brief appearance in this one.
Published by Unspoken Water.

The Enemy From Nowhere (ss)
Professor Vorchek and Theresa drop in on this sci-fi tale of a hiker who suddenly finds himself lost in an alternate reality. This curious world, he learns, is the focus of an alien attempt to take over the Earth, by replacing it with their own. Can they be stopped?
Published by Perihelion Science Fiction.

The Wheel of Dargalon (ss)
Lord Morca of Dyrezan, adventuring in the far north, falls afoul of a cruel wizard. Shorn of his own powers, Morca conceives a desperate plan to save himself. The geography of the tale is based on the region from Sedona, through Oak Creek Canyon, to the forested plateau south of Flagstaff, that city lying where the fictional fortress of Taybolor would be found.
Published by Swords and Sorcery Magazine.

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