This volume contains a disproportionate number of stories focusing upon the dread theme of anthropophagism, with the rest at least nibbling at it.

Notes On a Clinical Case (ss)
An investigation into a series of hideous crimes yields even more disturbing possibilities.

The Kingdom of the Anasazi (ss)
This rousing yarn takes Professor Vorchek, Theresa Delaney, and their colleagues on an expedition into the deserts of northern Arizona, where they seek evidence of mysterious survivals from the prehistoric past. Success, however, comes at a shocking price.
This story is set in the same region as the earlier "Canyon Diablo", a tale with which it shares certain obvious similarities.
Published in 9Tales Told in the Dark 5 by the Bride of Chaos.

The Dwellers In the Black Forest (ss)
This tale is a sequel to the chapter in The Journey of Jacob Bleek entitled "The Error of Helvetius". Many years after he destroyed that overbearing competitor, Bleek returns to plunder the magical resources of the dead wizard, secreted in a shunned house in the depths of the wilderness. Bleek discovers that Helvetius still has formidable allies.

The Castle of Chakaron (ss)
Lords Nantrech and Morca of Dyrezan seek the magical Scroll of Ixaltas. They find it, along with its guardian, a crazed wizard, and his brutish henchmen.

Captain Ironfang's Island (ss)
Four treasure seekers explore a famous pirate's island with the aid of a centuried map. If that sounds like fun, so perhaps will quicksands, skeletons, and angry ghosts.

Old Bones (ss)
I so enjoyed writing the previous story that I had to do it again. This time a professional archeologist leads his team to that spooky island, but his expertise won't help him. Someone else is in charge on Ironfang Island.

Relics of Ironfang Island (ss)
Once more into the breach! This time a researcher has carried away artifacts from the dread island, but location counts for nothing with evil spirits. The danger still lies in wait, ready to spring.

The Search For Doctor Vane (ss)
I couldn't resist, for again the perils of Ironfang Island intrigued me. In this, ostensibly a sequel to "Old Bones", no less than Professor Vorchek leads a team against the lurking horrors there. Author's perogative: to make this tale suit me, I took considerable liberties with the ending of the previous story.

The Ghouls of Kalkris (ss)
Lord Morca of Dyrezan, on a military expedition through unknown country, encounters an isolated village plagued by midnight horrors, and a mysterious castle which the villagers say is the source of their trouble. Who lives there, and what is going on inside? Only Morca can find out, if he survives.
Published in Mystic Signals by Wolf Singer Publications.

Images From Ironfang Island (ss)
Maybe with this one I got that creepy isle out of my system. It is narrated by Professor Vorchek, who in his typically cold-blooded fashion has sent one of his students to carry out archeological studies on that former abode of murderous pirates. As always, Ironfang is an unquiet place.

The Adventures of Solar Pons (e)
This essay, the first written expressly for my site, covers the detective tales written by August Derleth and Basil Copper, authors best known for their spooky stories.

Basil Copper's Lovecraftian Epic: The Great White Space (e)
A treatment of one of the few Lovecraft pastiches that actually work.

Basil Copper's Use of Obsessive Secrecy (e)
Here I analyze a theme which frequently recurs in the writings of Mr. Copper.

A Framework For Filming Basil Copper's The Great White Space (e)
Just for fun, I've cobbled up a bunch of ideas concerning a hypothetical movie version of Copper's Lovecraftian novel.

The Thirty-Fifth Extract From the Black Book of Jacob Bleek

The Thirty-Sixth Extract From the Black Book of Jacob Bleek

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