This batch contains a preponderance of stories and writings suggested by the Master.

A White Mountains Mystery (ss)
Professor Anton Vorchek journeys to Greer, Arizona, in the wonder lands of the White Mountains, only it is not sight-seeing that brings him. He seeks to uncover the facts of what turns out to be a century old horror spawned by greed and black magic.

Thoughts on Haefele's A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos (e)
John D. Haefele's erudite tome on August Derleth, Lovecraft's colleague and publisher, made a monstrously powerful impact on me. It got me thinking, thoughts which I attempt to encapsulate in this essay.

The Curious History of Professor Vorchek (e)
My most popular character gets his own essay, dealing with all things Vorchek, from how he originated and developed, to a complete chronological list of his stories.

The Vault of Phalos (ss)
In the lost era of ancient Dyrezan, Lords Nantrech and Morca confront a hideous irruption of the deity Blug, the quintessence of cosmic evil.
Published by Cirsova.

Lovecraftian Ways, Wrong and Right (e)
Following up on my Haefele essay, I wrestle with the knotty problem of composing Lovecraftian fiction, taking a peek at those who have tried it, pondering the results.

The Eye of Blug (ss)
The acolytes of Blug are on the loose again, this time planning to unleash their master upon the world in the present day. Unfortunately for Sterk Fontaine, they choose to drag him into their evil schemes.
Published in 9Tales Told in the Dark 8 by Bride of Chaos.

Three Novels by William Hope Hodgson (e)
Having previously analyzed The Night Land, I now consider a further trio of the English author's longer weird works: The Boats of the "Glen Carrig", The House on the Borderland, and The Ghost Pirates.

The Art of Dulcea Paru (ss)
An evil cultist plans to unleash Blug upon the world, employing music as the key to unlocking protective dimensional barriers. Professor Vorchek, supported by his lovely assistant Theresa Delaney, must figure out how to stop him. The character of Dulcea Paru is a wholly imaginative creation, suggested by my immensely entertaining reading of Yma Sumac: The Art Behind the Legend by Nicholas E. Limansky.

Notes on the Collection Eerie Arizona (e)
This essay on my volume of regional horrors is packed with information and piled high with pictures of the actual settings of the stories.

In the Time Vault (ss)
One can live forever within the Time Vault, which according to jewel thief Jerry Sloane makes it a great hiding place. He got the technology right, but what about the human factor?

The Gold Sphere (ss)
Two collectors roaming Arizona's White Mountains discover a curious artifact, and an even more curious diary which documents weird events of long ago. Can the menace described therein still apply to the present day?

The Guardian at the Gate (ss)
In the remote deserts of northern Arizona, a traveler stumbles upon an eons-old mystery that could threaten consequences for the entire world.

The House at the End of the World (ss)
That crazy but--surely--harmless old-timer tells the incredible story of the Tollesons, explorers in strange scholarship who sought to open doors into worlds beyond ours. Unfortunately, the denizens of those worlds have plans of their own!

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