This time around I concentrate on strange places: foreign, exotic, far in time and space or beyond the known spheres of the cosmos.

Why I Write Weird Fiction (e)
This is the author's perspective on how he came to do what he does. I wonder how common or unique is the story underlying this essay.

The Wonderful World of Dyrezan (e)
The story behind the creation of the imaginary world of magic and mayhem that is Dyrezan, from its first inception in poetry to its latest developments in novel and short story.

Klinghofer's Preview (ss)
The weird film-maker Ernst Klinghofer presents a very special advance showing of his new movie to an unwary audience.

Klinghofer's Island (ss)
More mystery surrounds the occult-obsessed director, as snooping Sterk Fontaine confronts the strange truth hidden in the dead man's house on that isolated Lake Pleasant island.

Comes the New World (ss)
Professor Vorchek and Theresa Delaney battle mysterious aliens bent on conquering Earth by replacing it from under our feet. This tale, set around Greer in the White Mountains, is related to my earlier story, "The Enemy from Nowhere."

The Morelvan Movie House (ss)
And this is a Sci-Fi sequel, the third in the amazing adventures of Captain Avatar, who sails among the stars of an impossible universe. This time he and his crew run afoul of the Morelvans, who prepare a curious entertainment for the inquisitive earthmen.

The Legacy of Ograthon (ss)
From the chronicles of ancient Dyrezan comes this thrilling tale of the adventuresome wizard lords Nantrech and Morca. Attempting to uncover the fate of a long lost mentor, their journey leads them to a mysterious castle of red stone, wherein lies world-shaking terror.

Salvaging the Zombie Movie (e)
The good ones lured me in, and I ended up watching too many of these things, often to my regret. The carnivorous zombie craze, I argue, has taken a wrong turn. Here I discuss what may be done to get it back on track.

Back to Basics with Lovecraft (e)
My readings of superb new volumes by Joshi and Schultz on the prose and poetry of Lovecraft cause me to ponder the works of the Master once again.

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