This page offers a grab-bag of writings concerning the works of various authors or strange topics. I have no goal in mind other than writing about what I please, which, to be sure, is my standard goal.

The Adventures of Solar Pons

Basil Copper's Lovecraftian Epic: The Great White Space

Basil Copper's Use of Obsessive Secrecy

A Framework For Filming Basil Copper's The Great White Space

Eerie Arizona

Dreaming Weird Fiction

The Ghostly Tales of Elizabeth Walter

Notes On The Journey of Jacob Bleek

My Favorite Lovecraft

The Weird Short Stories of Basil Copper

The Weird Television Adventures of Sapphire and Steel

The Worm Ouroboros of E.R. Eddison

The Gothic Mystery Novels of Basil Copper

The Night Land of William Hope Hodgson

Six Gates From Limbo by J.T. McIntosh

That Idiot Parker!

Four by Fulci

Basil Copper's Other Sci-Fi Novel

Solar Pons vs. the Super Villains

Thoughts on Haefele's A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos

The Curious History of Professor Vorchek

Lovecraftian Ways, Wrong and Right

Three Novels by William Hope Hodgson

Notes on the Collection Eerie Arizona

Why I Write Weird Fiction

The Wonderful World of Dyrezan

Salvaging the Zombie Movie

Back to Basics with Lovecraft

New Pons and Old

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